How to Accelerate Online Sales by Strengthening Your Intuition

BY Tiffany Skirrow

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Since becoming an entrepreneur, the most powerful tools I've discovered to help accelerate online sales are my spirit and intuition.

My brand could only be taken so far in terms of income and impact when I was just following a basic business strategy. That strategy became stagnant without working on the energetic forces behind it.

When She Rises, my best-selling book and my biggest launch (with my most aligned containers) was cultivated with spirit and intuition – and this process is available to you too.

For those of you who don't feel fully comfortable relying on intuition to accelerate online sales, don't worry. Intuition can be powerfully strengthened through psychic development and the activation of your ‘clair-senses.'

Your clair-senses are your raw navigation. We all have them and this is our key to accessing our soul work. Once you activate these they will become powerful tools to connect to a higher source in order to accelerate online sales and navigate your business to the next up-level.

Does everyone have access to intuitive gifts?

For those of you who are questioning whether you have the ability to connect and whether you have clair gifts – the answer is yes. I will be taking you through a few of the most common ones below.

Before we get started, it is important to note psychic and energetic development is an ongoing practice. Patience is key. See it as like going to the gym and training for those incredible abs. You build by strengthening your core and muscle. Stop training, and slowly it disappears.

The same goes for your intuitive gifts. You have to build your relationship with your spirit before you're able to follow your intuition with total clarity.

My passion as a psychic business strategist is to teach my multi 6-figure launch frameworks rooted in intuition. By doing this work, my clients are able to accelerate online sales and elevate their brand awareness and impact.

How to Develop Your Intuition

When it comes to developing your intuition, there are several common senses to know. Here are the different intuitive practices you can work on and how to channel them to accelerate online sales…


This is what you may refer to as your imagination or mind's eye. If you have vivid dreams it is likely you hold this sense. Many clairvoyants are creative and adore art, design and the visual part of their business — to develop this sense, be sure to incorporate more of this work into your business.

As you activate your clairvoyance gifts you will begin to tap into what is known as ‘download.'  Downloads such as inspired live streams, program ideas and content creation.

Surround yourself with beauty. Begin to lead yourself to beautiful places when you are working. Make sure your eyes are set upon beautiful things and the intuitive downloads will flow.


You will recognize this as a sense of knowing. You do not need evidence, you just know.

Knowingness can come to you in inspired form — it's a gut feeling that you have to take the next step. The trick is to listen and do it.

Ask yourself yes and no questions. Listen and act. Even when fearful. For example, you can ask yourself do I want to launch my Instagram program? Go with the internal pull from your internal knowingness. Strengthen your compass. Does it feel like a full-bodied yes or a no? Listen to that reaction.


Clairsentience is when you receive intuitive insight through physical, sensory feedback. For example, you have a “gut feeling,”

Clairsentients feel the experience of other individuals, animals, spaces and land. Often clairsentients have been known to feel the presence of war on land, sadness or worry in a friend, and “good vibes” (or a lack of flow) within a space.

Make sure your environment makes you feel amazing. Activating this sense is super powerful and so to get the activation going we want to inspire that space.


Clairaudience is when you are able to hear words, whispers, or sounds from the spiritual or ethereal realms. This could mean hearing messages from ascended masters, ancestors, loved ones, or even voices that seem to come from within YOU.

It can sound like your voice! Many have this gift but do not know it because they confuse it with their own self-talk.

Get some music on and activate this sensory. Music activates the hearing part of your sensory so make sure you're utilizing your space at home with music that inspires you.

All of your sensors are important and we also know that music raises our vibration too! You can also check out how to keep a positive mindset in order tp raise your vibration here.


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