My fellow introvert,

If you feel lost in the crazy chaos that is today’s society, this one’s for you.

Ahem, *mic check, mic check*

My name is Nikki, and I am an introvert.

I’m fortunate to know a lot of badass men and women alike, who are crazy amazing speakers.

They light up a room, captivate people with their energy, their eloquence, their d*mn ability to PROJECT.

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I met person after person who I was instantly struck by.

I mean they were shiny and bright and so well put together.

Their ease and effortlessness when talking to a group of strangers; their ability to always keep the conversation natural; hell, they even always seem to remember everyone’s name.

And I’d think, sh*t I could never be like (while also repeating that person’s name over and over in my head in an attempt to remember – that’s a gift guys, a gift – and I don’t have it).

I still struggle today with the idea that I need to do more, talk louder, figure out a way to connect.

And then I realized…

I already have.

I may never stand on a stage where hundreds or thousands of people are waiting to hear me speak.

But who said I needed a stage?

Or a mic…

Or a room full of people.

Everyone’s path is different.

Like REALLY different my friend.

Yes, I’m surrounded by people who are great at projecting. Who have amazing, wonderful messages and missions that should be heard, no NEED to be heard.

But so do I.

So to anyone who is quiet, or keeps to themselves… Who observes while everyone else is engaging.

Here is my love letter to you.

My dear friend standing in the corner, or sitting alone at the table, or who didn’t even necessarily make it to the event because it was intimidating and you didn’t want to go alone. (Check out this article on networking tips for introverts!)

YOU have a voice too.

You have amazing ideas and brilliant opinions.

And they should be heard just like YOU should be heard.

So figure out YOUR way to share that with others because you matter.

YOU are important, and so is what you have to say.

I’ll likely never be the loudest person in the room.

In fact, I can guarantee it.

But I’m not any less of a powerhouse than anyone else because I’m an introvert, and trust me babe, neither are you.


Your Friend, Nik


Creative Copywriter | Content Creator for Women Entrepreneurs + Success Coaches

IG: @nikcasey561

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  1. Some of my strongest female leaders were not the loudest people in the room. They were the smartest by far. They only spoke when they had something really significant to say. People would lean forward and listen to their confident soft voices. I call it QUIET CONFIDENCE. Those introverts were BossBabe badasses.

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