Hey girl,

First of all, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for the pain this setback is causing you. Listen, you’re not going to be able to remember all of this every single minute of every single day. Not yet, anyway. You might not even be in a place to hear it, yet. That’s okay. Just read it when you’re feeling ready. Just do your best with the bits and pieces. It will get easier. I don’t know when. But I know it will. Because you are resilient and strong and you are an effing survivor. You will rise.


Be gentle with yourself

It’s okay that you need to take a minute. Take as many damn minutes as you need. Don’t be afraid of the turning hands of the clock. No need for comparisons. Your timeline and your path are yours alone. Just breathe.

Please don’t speak ill of yourself. Don’t cloud your beautiful mind with personal attacks of why this setback happened. It’s not personal. It never is. What would you say to your best friend? Say that. Lay your head on your pillow at night and be proud of the woman you are.

Of the way, you choose to live your life.

Of the way you love others.

Because nothing else is really as important as that.

Show up

Do not let this setback take your fearlessness away. Keep dreaming. Keep pursuing those dreams. Don’t you dare stop wearing your heart on your sleeve and telling others how much they mean to you. There is so much power in not only feeling your feelings but sharing them with others. Continue to consciously choose every day to wake up and live in a world of optimism and possibility with your head held high. Beautiful things are born from vulnerability. Make your mark by not holding back. Even though what’s happened to you has left some bruising. You’re not broken. You will heal. And the world still needs you.

Do remember how beautiful this life is. Appreciate it. Even celebrate it when you’re ready. Move your amazing body. Spoil yourself with something you’ve been wanting to do. Create beautiful experiences for yourself every single day. A delicious meal, a soak in the tub, memory making with someone you love. You have so many things to be grateful for.

Setback for the win

Be grateful for the bumps in the road. If everything were easy, you wouldn’t be learning all these valuable lessons. This BS is making you better. I know it’s cliche, but everything does happen for a reason. Bigger and better things are coming your way. Be open to them. Trust in something bigger than yourself. You are resilient and strong and you’ve been given the opportunity to start over and design the life of your dreams. So say thank you. Take extra good care of yourself. And then, when you’re ready, be prepared to surprise the hell out of yourself.

Xo, you


  1. Unique insight thanks for sharing Tara! I know the hardest thing for me after losing a few battles earlier on the road was showing up again but it’s the most pivotal and important step. Thanks for your content and ideas on this!

  2. Thank you, Kale! Yep, you have to keep showing up! Super personal piece… a bit scary to put out there into the universe. But it helps me connect more deeply to others, which is super important to me!

  3. Moriah was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 4. She was always creating businesses as a little girl. However, the world repeatedly told her, “Bipolar people can’t run a business,” and she shut her dreams down. She began just drifting through life. One of the key characteristics of bipolar is suicidal tendencies. As Moriah refused to take medicine, At the age of 20, she tried killing herself for about the 8th time in her life. But in the midst of her final attempt, she drowsily got up and wrote “Inspire, create” on her mirror in lip stick. She put the pills down, wiped her tears, and walked out the door and sat in a tree and just breathed, for the first time in her life. She didn’t know why she wrote it, she didn’t know why she chose a tree, or why even breathe, but now she knows it was the universe calling her back home. She got her life together, used meditation, mindfulness, and manifestation to naturally heal her bipolar disorder, and from that moment on declared that it would be her life mission to ensure that no female ever felt as worthless as she did.

  4. The best sling shot I ever had…is also part of the worst possible thing anyone could go through: stalking and domestic violence. The ex left me for someone else…and I was happy about it: see ya! #amirite? Anyway, he started stalking me. Broke into my home (I don’t live there anymore!) and beat the shit out of me several times.

    I received a permanent VPO (also worked into the divorce decree) for stalking and domestic violence. But wait – there’s more. I moved close to 45 minutes away AND changed my job. He wasn’t supposed to know where I lived or where I worked. He found me. Blocked my car in (thankfully I wasn’t there alone that night). He called the college I taught at and tried to get me fired several times. It was non-stop harassment (and yes, I reported it to my then-lawyer and the court…and the cops).

    I was diagnosed with CPTSD. The insomnia I’ve always dealt with got WAY worse. I re-developed AFib and SVT. And I lived in constant fear. What if I lost my job? How could I live? Anyway, I used that to sling shot myself (over the course of a year after that) to work full time for myself. I just published a book about starting and running a business from home. I’m five years into working from home (and happily remarried). I own my home (no payments). And while I still have some shit days (like today) where the anxiety is out of control, I am WAY more at peace and better off financially. You can’t fire yourself, babes!

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