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A BossBabe Manifesto To Not Giving a F*CK

BY Wolf and Geek

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NOT GIVING A F*CK is something that every badass BossBabe should apply to all areas of her life. We are going to tell you exactly how not giving a f*ck turned our brand into a wild success.

If you aren’t already living this mantra then this is something you definitely need to consider.

We used to give a f*ck about everything.

It was the reason our business didn’t exist.

We were so tied up in giving energy to everything. It was the day we decided we needed to allocate our f*cks to the places, people and things that deserved that kind of energy. And for everything else literally, we would not give a single f*ck. And let us tell you the difference in our life instantly was incredible.

A new business was born and the more we lived by our mantra the more wildly successful our brand became.

People often say the key to confidence and success in life is to simply care less about things that shouldn't matter.  We used to think those type of people were crazy as why wouldn’t you care about things and people that affect you, your life or your success?

Chances are you know somebody who, at one time or another, did not give a f*ck and went on to conquer incredible goals. Perhaps there was a time in your life where you simply did not give a f*ck and did something you thought was impossible.

We know for ourselves, that starting up a badass branding house with less than a dollar was definitely going to be in our “didn’t give a f*ck” hall of fame one day. And besides that trophy, we would put the “deciding to walk out of a major successful corporation to pursue our little old dreams.” F*cks given? None. We just decided to make sh#t happen.

Our point is, most of us make our lives hard by giving energy in situations where energy does not deserve to be given.

Energy is given everywhere, every single day – look around, it is almost like giving energy where you shouldn't is trendy.

This is the problem babe.

What we don’t realise is that there is a fine art to caring less about things that shouldn't matter. It isn’t something we are born with, it is something we must learn and practise as caring is in our nature.

Practising the art of controlling the energy you give is the essence of strength and integrity. Your energy is like a fine wine, it takes time for you to mature.

So back to where we were, we used to give a f*ck about everything.

We told you our business didn’t exist. However when we took the steps to practising the art of where we put our energy our lives changed and our business was born. Within 12 months we became Multi-Award Winning Serial Entrepreneurs.

Many of you might be stuck in a tough place like we were and not living up to your full BossBabe potential so let us walk you through 6 ways we started the process to grow into the brand we are today simply choosing what to give our energy to.



Some people are just poisonous to your life. Some people don't want to see you happy, in fact, they seem ridiculously happy when you are not succeeding. These are the people you need to clear out of your life and move on.

We looked around when we were winning to see the friends that weren’t clapping and decided they needed to go. When we did this it made more room in our circle and our network grew with women who liked to see each other win. This is a major factor that contributed to our success as we met people we never thought possible – like ending up contributing for BossBabe itself.



Some people will spend their whole lives trying to please people and fit in. But little do they realise it is ok not to fit in. If you take a moment to not care about these cliques you might find your unique ability will shine. We knew we didn’t fit in, we used to joke about being rebels and outcasts but then realised it was a superpower. When we decided to own that it was funny to see the clique invitations we got.



This one is our favourite! But this f*ck was one of the hardest to stop giving. Everyone has an opinion. People always will and the sooner you realise their opinions are exactly that and move on you will feel a massive shift in your own wellbeing.

We once had a friend called Jill. Jill came out and told us that the sky was green but it was obviously blue. But she would not change her opinion. It was then we realised that this is exactly what an opinion was – her interpretation. Not a fact, just what she saw. In this moment we felt so free when we compared opinions to this and we still laugh about Jill and her green sky.



We used to think we had to live up to a certain level of public image expectations and definitely gave too much time and energy to this. But one day we realised we weren’t winning awards for being the prettiest in the room or the fittest looking or the best dressed.

We were winning awards for being incredibly talented in our skillset and no one cared about what we looked like or our social status. No one even knew we started this business on a single dollar – until this article. F*cks given? None! Let’s just put it all on the table today.

Our point here is don’t become obsessed thinking that you need to be better looking, better dressed, have a nicer house to do epic stuff. Honestly our no makeup Insta Stories get more views than our beautifully crafted ones. Just get rid of image expectations and know – no one is giving you an award for being a BossBabe with the nice make-up and hot car.



They have said if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. However there are many occasions that call for you to stand up for yourself. If you don't stand for something you will fall for everything. Stop playing small and tell it like it is – you will thank yourself for it and so will those around you.



We all fail! And if we didn't we would never learn and grow. What happens one day is likely forgotten the next no matter how much we amplify it in out own heads. You are likely the only person hanging onto your failure. Not many people would know that we launched an online workshop 12 months ago that not a single god damn person signed up to.

We obsessed over the failure for weeks and didn’t want to run another. We thought the whole World knew we failed. Turns out no one knew then. What a waste of time we spent obsessing about that. A true BossBabe just moves on!


The hardest part in just starting this manifesto is the very first step! We recommend this being the first step, by choosing where your energy is best spent and just picking something to not give a f*ck about right now and making magic happen.

We have got your back babe!

Wolf and Geek @wolfandgeek

Tell us about the things you are going to stop giving energy to about in the comments below.

If this topic really gets you fired up to make changes – we highly recommend reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

You can also dig into The Secret of a Badass Brand if you are looking for somewhere to start on building your new found badass power of not giving a f*ck.



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