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A 6-Step Plan To Making Your First $10k

BY Team BossBabe


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As a business owner, making your first $10k can seem like an accomplishment that may take a lot of hard work and a few setbacks – but in all actuality, all it takes is the right planning.

Taking the time to really organize your business blueprint is what is going to be the key to guiding you to making monumental milestones like reaching your first $10k.

We’ve launched a must-have bossbabe Blueprint Guide that will be pivotal in the future decisions you make to help reach your goal. Keep reading the learn everything you need to know…


Step 1: Mindset

The first step in making your first (of many) $10k, is cultivating the right mindset. Yup, that’s right – it all starts in the mind. Having tunnel vision during this time will be the key to reaching. Your wheels should be turning constantly on how to make your goal feasible, and you should be sharing these ideas with your team as well.


Step 2: Purpose 

Identifying your purpose for wanting to make the $10k is just as important as actually making the goal. Why exactly do you need it? Are you going to invest it back into your business? Will you use it to compensate your team members? Take the time out of your goal checklist and truly ask yourself why you are doing this. Once you figure this out it will be an easier journey. 


Step 3: Audience

Knowing who your audience is is half the battle of achieving your first $10k. Why is this important? Because these are the people who are going to be making this goal achievable for you. So knowing what they want, what they need, and why they want it is key for you to be able to touch on additional points of interest for them. This will also teach you how to tap into a wider audience but pinpointing their interest. A growing social media audience means a growing revenue stream. 



Step 4: Revenue

Track your revenue – simple. There is going to be one thing that will move the needle in your business. And once you figure this out you’ll be able to understand what exactly is driving your business and what you should focus on the most. A spreadsheet like this one will be absolutely beneficial – and actually mandatory in tracking progress.


Step 5: Systems

Making sure you have your systems in place while aiming for your first $10k is pivotal. The first step in setting up your system should be to identify the issue that you would like to systemize. Doing so will allow you to free up the time and mental space you need to work out what really moves the needle for your business. You’ll learn how to organize, automate and outsource the key operations in your business.


Step 6: Growth

Once you’ve mastered all of the above steps you will guarantee to see growth within your company and its revolving revenue. Which will put you on a direct path to making your first $10k. 


We have an amazing bossbabe blueprint that details each step and how to achieve them, here. Make sure to register for the free training Danielle will be hosting on how to make your first $10k and what to do after it


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