9 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season | Ellen Coule for BossBabe.com

If you’ve got an online business, this one’s for you. It’s time to start prepping to increase e-commerce sales during the upcoming shopping holidays. For many e-commerce businesses, the holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year. :: cue the music ::

Online shopping is increasingly becoming the preferred way for consumers to make purchases. Is your website poised to convert your visitors into buyers? Once someone lands on your e-commerce shop, you need to successfully entice them to complete a purchase.

Read on to learn 9 ways you can increase e-commerce sales this holiday season.

Statistics compiled by Baymard Institute from 40 studies estimate that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.89%. With a few key optimizations, your business may be able to increase conversion rates, capitalize on seasonal demand, and skyrocket your revenue.


9 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season | Ellen Coule for BossBabe.com


1. Offer free shipping.

Based on Baymard’s study, 60% of shoppers abandon checkout due to extra costs being too high (such as shipping, tax, and fees). Giving customers the option to choose a basic free shipping method will enable your business to compete with top retailers (such as Nordstrom) and large marketplaces (including Amazon Prime).

If you believe this isn’t a sustainable choice, consider offering free shipping on orders that meet a minimum purchase total. For example, “Orders over $90 receive free shipping.” This may also increase your average order value.

2. Offer a “checkout as a guest” option.

For the love of sales, do not require shoppers to create an account in order to make a purchase. 37% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart because of this. 

9 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season | Ellen Coule for BossBabe.com


3. Make it easy to purchase.

Create an ordering experience that is simple, streamlined, easy to use, and visually pleasing on both mobile and desktop. According to the same study, 28% of shoppers abandoned orders because the checkout process was either complicated or too long.

  • Don’t create extra work for customers at this stage. Require as few steps as possible.
  • Don’t ask marketing survey questions (e.g. “How did you find us?”) before payment is completed.
  • If possible, allow some form fields to be auto-populated. For example, some shopping cart integrations will autofill City and State fields based on data from the Zip Code field.
  • Add a progress bar to the top of your checkout page to let customers know how close they are to completing their purchase.

4. Display total order cost visibly.

Price matters to savvy customers. Allow your customers to see their actual total cost (after shipping, tax, and fees) as early as possible to increase conversion rates.

5. Ensure your website is functioning properly.

Many e-commerce websites are riddled with errors and broken links. Worse yet, websites with low bandwidth can crash if they receive a drastic increase in website visitors. Make sure your website is free of errors and is capable of serving a high volume of viewers.

6. Show social proof that your business is trustworthy.

Increase e-commerce sales by letting shoppers see proof that they can trust you with their credit card information. Display customer reviews, your SSL certificate, consumer ratings (such as TrustPilot or ResellerRatings), and badges from well-known institutions (such as PayPal, BBB, or McAfee).

Click here to learn more about establishing credibility in your niche.

7. Provide expedited delivery options.

Delivery times can be a top factor for holiday shoppers. 18% of shoppers abandon their order if they don’t believe they will get their delivery in time. Make it easy for customers to see when their items would arrive based on various shipping options.

8. Create a great return policy.

Customers have come to expect free returns and customer-friendly refund processes. Including a satisfaction guarantee – for example, “Free returns within 30 Days” – can boost a shopper’s confidence in your business.

9. Offer popular payment methods.

Shoppers who have not purchased from your store previously may be hesitant to trust you with their credit card details. Using their preferred payment methods, such as PayPal or Google Wallet, may increase their comfort level enough to complete a first-time purchase.

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