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8 Courageous Mantras To Repeat As You Head Into The New Year

BY Marisa Donnelly

mantras to repeat heading into the New Year

I’ve always been drawn to New Year’s resolutions because they force me to slow down, appreciate where I’ve been, and make goals for the future. A healthy practice—or at least intended to be. Sometimes, though, the hustle around the New Year gets us wrapped up in what we aren’t and don’t have. Instead of focusing on the positives, we zoom in on the negatives, feel shame over our missed goals, and fret over what we don’t yet have. Then, when the clock strikes midnight, we end up create unobtainable resolutions that hold us hostage, rather than push us forward.

Instead of placing all your attention on resolutions this year, perhaps start with self-love. Speak affirmations over yourself about how far you’ve come in the past 365 days. Tell yourself that you are worthy and that you are one step closer to where you want to be.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, mother, business woman, college student, or somewhere in-between, here are 8 mantras to repeat as you head into the New Year. I hope they encourage and strengthen you.

1. I am constantly growing.

This sentence is so simple and powerful. We are all works in progress, and when we remind ourselves of that, it takes the pressure off! You don’t need to look back at what you didn’t achieve and hang your head; instead, you can see the next year as a continuation of what you’re working towards. You are always growing. (And this is a good thing!)

2. I will get there.

We create timelines in our heads based upon what we see around us. We make unrealistic expectations based on lies we feed our minds. It’s easy to feel like we’re falling behind or that we don’t measure up. It’s easy, especially at the end of the year, to think we’re not good enough. The truth is, though, we will get there. Perhaps not on our timeline or on the same path as the person next to us—but we will.

3. Every failure can be an opportunity.

So maybe you ‘failed’ at something this past year. Honestly, failure is a good thing. When you fail, you learn powerful lessons, see different perspectives, and find ways to fight through challenges. Instead of creating a new list of resolutions to meet (or be overwhelmed by), repeat this to yourself: my failures can be opportunities.

4. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Before you start making new goals, look back on where you’ve been and who you’ve become. Can you celebrate that person?

5. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone other than me.

When you stop worrying about what other people think you’ll realize that everyone has their own story, and that’s okay. Instead of focusing your attention on ‘beating others out’ or doing ‘better’ than the person next to you, remind yourself that you have nothing to prove.

6. I will have patience in the timeline of my life.

One of the most life-altering mantras to repeat centers on a single word: patience. Trust your personal timing, success, and story. Trust that you will get where you desire to be in time. And trust that you are doing just fine.

7. I will take opportunities as they come and build myself.

Instead of resolutions, set intentions. Focus on ways you can, and will, build yourself by jumping into new opportunities as they come your way.

8. There is always room for growth, but growth and pride can exist simultaneously.

You’re always growing, yes, but remind yourself that growth and pride can exist at the same time. You can want to become a better person, but still be proud of your lifestyle. You can want to expand your business reach, but still have a sense of accomplishment over your current network.

As you walk into the New Year, set your resolutions, your intentions, or your goals, but don’t forget to celebrate yourself, too. You are worthy. Now get after it!


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