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7 Ways To Upgrade Your 9 To 5 Right Now

BY Rachel Lawler

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“I’ll change my life when…”,

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It's time to upgrade your 9-5 right now.

Are you putting off up-levelling your life until the ‘right time' comes along?

Maybe you're still in your 9 to 5 job, but know entrepreneurial life is where you're going to be in the long term.

Your heart isn’t in the daily grind of your full-time role anymore, so why bother until you can start your new amazing life as a business owner, right?

So wrong!

How To Upgrade Your 9-5

Here are 7 ways to upgrade your 9-5 life right now and take a step closer to that entrepreneurship goal. It’s time to up-level no matter what situation you’re in at this very moment.

1. Set a morning routine.

Just because you need to be in the office by 9 am doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your morning. First things first, change your alarm sound. For far too long, I was woken by the startling alarm sound (iPhone users: you know the one), but I’ve felt so much calmer and more refreshed when I changed the tones to something a little more vibrant and optimistic sounding! Making other small changes, like using a luxurious body wash you love and lighting a soothing candle as you get ready sets you up for the day in a more positive way and feels like you’ve done something good before you even step out the door. Find a morning routine that works for you and try stick to it every day.

2. Make a good lunch.

Okay, so meal prep is hardly brand new information for us all, but make sure to have a lunch that is both nourishing and tasty. Food is fuel and there’s nothing worse than trying to keep a positive mind-set at your desk by the afternoon if all you have in your office drawer is a share bag of M&Ms and an old packet of rice cakes. There are loads of Instagram accounts sharing quick and healthy recipes which are great for lunch or dinner. One of my favourite accounts right now is @justjessfood, making meal prepping so much easier and allowing you to commit more time to upgrading your 9 to 5.

3. Personalise your workspace.

So your corporate office doesn’t quite look like that interior inspo goals board you created on Pinterest, but don’t let that stop you. Clear all the clutter then make the most of the space you have: get an inspiring desk planner, add some framed pictures or motivational quotes, buy an inexpensive fake plant to give the space a boost. Extra points if you frame a picture of your dream office so you can look at your goal every single day until it becomes a reality.

4. Wear something you feel fabulous in.

I’m a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good and this especially applies to work life. If you don’t feel your 9 to 5 is serving you anymore and long for the entrepreneur life you know you should be living, don’t take that as time to stop showing up for your job. Even when I’m feeling low or demotivated, I put on an outfit I feel powerful and ‘me’ in. For me, that’s usually black high heeled shoe boots, a fabulous blazer and a stylish work bag. It doesn’t need to be expensive either, having a few classic essentials in your wardrobe that you can go-to is invaluable and will have you feeling unstoppable.

5. Make use of your lunch break…

It’s easy to whittle away lunch hours mindlessly scrolling ASOS or running out to grab a takeaway lunch, but start seeing this time as your golden hour. Whether you can work on your own project at your desk, or perhaps you can take a walk to a nearby spot to write up an action plan, use these 60 minutes be as productive as possible.

6. … and your commute.

As well as lunchtime, don’t underestimate what you can get done on your daily commute. If, like me, you drive to work, take the time to listen to podcasts of inspiring business women which will set you up for a good day and have your brain buzzing with ideas. Whenever I do have the chance to take the train, I make sure to bring along a notebook and whichever book I’m reading and spend some time planning content and gathering inspiration.

7. Get a beautiful diary.

I guess you can call this part of my life manifestation, but I think the right tools pave the way for the right work vibe. I’ve had my planner for 2019 sorted for months (coincidentally after I received it, I found out the creator of my gorgeous new Ponderlily diary is a fellow BossBabe on The Société’s Facebook page!) and I’ve already started visualising that diary filling up with exciting appointments and meetings. By using a planner and stationery you love the look of sets the tone of what you want your work life to look like in every aspect.

Above all, always remember you have the power to up-level every aspect of your life by making even the smallest of steps. It all adds up and leads to your dreams becoming reality. 2019: let's do this!


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