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7 Reasons Why Exercise Is Essential As Entrepreneurs

BY Kay Makishi

7 Reasons Why Exercise is Essential as Entrepreneurs

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7 Reasons Why Exercise is Essential as Entrepreneurs 

As entrepreneurs, our To Do lists can seem never-ending. A non-negotiable though should be exercise. Because to impact our world, we must first be able to prove that we can take care of ourselves. It's easy to brush off exercise but here are 7 reasons why exercise is essential as entrepreneurs.

1. Sharper FOCUS

Laser-like focus is important, especially in our digital world. The average person is bombarded with 5000 ads per day all vying for your attention. Not to mention social media and email notifications. Keep your focus sharp with exercise so you can continue in your lane.


Entrepreneurs are problem-solvers. Creativity is our lifeblood. A 2014 Stanford survey suggests that creativity output increases by an average of 60% when walking. Grab an ice cream and go for a walk for your next meeting. Bonus points for being in nature!


We're entrepreneurs, not 9-to-5'ers meaning we're results-oriented. According to numerous studies, exercise helps produce more chemicals in our body called ATP which boosts our energy for mental output. Simply put, get better results faster by increasing your productivity with exercise.


Going to a local gym can lead to community building, trust and potential referrals, partners or opportunities for your business. Switch it up and make it fun by dropping into a fitness class like yoga or pilates. Meeting new people in an informal setting takes away the pressure to have to be “on” as businesswomen, so networking this way could be more organic and genuine.

5. Lower STRESS

Stress is inevitable as entrepreneurs and… well, all humans. Exercise produces endorphins – chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. It also improves our ability to sleep which helps reduce stress. Don't let that stress build up, lower it with exercise.

6. Better MEMORY

Who was that person again? Mary? Melissa? Maggie? Networking can be a big part in many entrepreneurs' lives. Remembering people's names, faces, and their stories help build stronger rapport boosting your personal reputation which directly affects your business.

7. Healthier BODY

If you can't even take care of your body, how can you take care of your business? First impressions are everything. Show up as the best version of you and inspire others – your teammates, business partners, customers, your following – whomever. At the end of the day, as entrepreneurs, we're all in the business of inspiring others.

My go-to exercise is capoeira. What's yours? Comment below.


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