Owning Your Reality, Understanding Your Worth + Using ‘Embodiment’ To Align With Your Purpose with Heather Pennell

Actionable tips on how you can take responsibility for your reality in order to align with your inner self and purpose...


The BossBabe Podcast Episode 066



  • Understanding and nurturing the deep layers of your traumas to become a more compassionate and self-aware individual
  • Using ‘embodiment work’ to cultivate a strong connection between your mind and body
  • How to take ownership of your reality and perceptions in order to find purpose, alignment, and fulfillment
  • Actionable tips on how to effectively communicate with others to strengthen any relationship or partnership


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Sarah Jane Ponce is a Financial advisor and Co-Founder of Audiocreatives. Sarah Jane and her husband Edward, has been producing hassle-free podcasting for 4 years. Allowing podcast host to focus on recording episodes and have more time with their business and other things they love. Although she graduated in Automotive Engineering Technology and studied Management, she finds herself passionate in producing and growing podcast. She helps empower young mothers and children from broken families towards having a positive outlook in life, unlocking their potentials and promoting self-love.