Why “Mom Guilt” is Bullsh*t, How to Start + Scale Passive Income Businesses, and Unapologetically Showing Up As Who You Are with Shannan Monson

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 063




  • The untold reality and sacrifices that entrepreneurs make to earn 6-figures from Instagram
  • Why “Mom Guilt” is bullsh*t and how women can become a living example of strength and light for their children
  • How to start and scale a successful passive income business for digital programs, online services/products, etc.
  • Best practices for staying focused and getting your priorities done by minimizing distractions and setting boundaries
  • Leverage and automating aspects of your business to make more time for yourself and your family


Are you ready to get inspired and feel empowered? This week’s episode with Natalie Ellis, Founder and CEO of BossBabe, and Shannan Monson, Founder of the ICON method, is full of vulnerability, value, and inspiration to help you get into the right mindset for success.

A serial entrepreneur and mother of two, Shannan shares with Natalie the reality of being a working mom with a business of helping other entrepreneurs start and scale their own programs. Challenging the notions of “Mom Guilt”, Shannan sets the record straight on why mothers need to let go of this unfair and limiting mindset in order to become a living example of strength and light for their children.

Natalie and Shannan also take us behind-the-scenes on how to earn 6-figures from Instagram regardless of follower count and provide actionable tips for turning your passion into a scalables passive stream of income.

Whether you’re an unapologetically woman with children or not, this episode will surely inspire strive for your dreams.

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