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6 Tricks To Snap Back Into A Positive Mindset

BY Kay Makishi

We're all susceptible to negativity be it circumstances or our own self-doubt. The question is, then, how can we exercise our mental muscles to quickly return to a mindset of positivity which is power. Here are 6 tricks to snap back into a positive mindset. 

6 Tricks to Snap Back into a Positive Mindset

  1. Set a Timer and Feel all the Feels. Are you sad? Lonely? Angry? Depressed? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? It’s OK. It’s natural to FEEL as human beings. It’d be weird if you DIDN’T feel any of those emotions during your entrepreneurial ride.
    Feelings are ephemeral so allow yourself space to feel them but then move on. 
    Set a timer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, a few hours – however long you need. Then get all those emotions out.

    Cry, scream, curse, whatever you need to do – just GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM. When that timer goes off, say thank you and let those emotions go.

  2. Get Out of Your Head. They say if you get into your head, you’re dead. The mind can be our own worst enemy. Imagine our minds are like website browsers with a bunch of cached pages in our history.

    These cached pages are titled,  “I AM NOT WORTHY”, “I AM NOT ENOUGH”, “I SUCK”, and all other negative thoughts. Sometimes you just need to hit DELETE ALL and get rid of that mental junk. We can get out of our heads by disrupting it with physical movement.

    Get up and do 10 quick jumping jacks, crank up your favorite song and dance that negativity goodbye.

  3. Mirror work. Look into a mirror and reaffirm yourself with positive statements.
    Words have such an impact on how we construct our own identities.Here are a few to get the ball rolling.


  4. Create Anchors and Rely on Them. Remember a time where you felt at the top of your game when you were physically, emotionally, and mentally performing at your best.

    Things start flowing when you are in your best, positive state. Recreate that emotion inside you and anchor it into your body with a power pose. Or maybe it's touching a certain part of your body like your right shoulder. You can use anything to anchor those positive emotions into your body.

    Anchor positive emotions then rely on them by touching that right shoulder or striking that power pose to snap back into your flow and to that positive mindset.

  5. Write 10 Things You’re Grateful For. It's hard to be negative when you're in a place of gratitude. Conversely, it's hard to feel grateful when something awful just happened to you. 

    Your business partner just stole from you. You just lost $10,000. You broke up with your boyfriend. I get it. Honor yourself that space. Read tip #1. To move forward, write down 10 things you're grateful for right this second.

    Water, health, a roof over your head. Remember that these are things you should not take for granted. It's hard to be negative when you're coming from a state of gratitude.

  6. Deconstruct the Negativity. Write out whatever negative thoughts are in your mind. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or like you “failed” something.

    Often times we are so stuck in the details we forget the bigger picture. Write down the thought you are feeling and keep asking yourself “how do I know” and “why” you feel that way. For example, “I completely screwed up a presentation in front of 300 people. I feel totally embarrassed. Everyone thinks I'm a screw-up. My career is over.”

    Deconstruct those negative thoughts by asking yourself, “how do I know every single person out of those 300 people thought I screwed up my presentation?” The truth is, you don't. We often project or exacerbate our own failures but the reality is, a lot of our negativity is made out of hot air.

What are some of your tricks to snap back into a positive mindset? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!


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