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6 Quick Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales

BY Laura Bartlett

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When it comes to generating income from your online presence, nothing comes close to affiliate marketing. That’s right! Done correctly, affiliate marketing can be the crux of a passive income; generating money even when you’re fast asleep. The glitch is, selling through affiliate marketing is a bit tricky amidst a crowded online scenario where everyone’s talking and only a few are being listened. You must constantly realize your affiliate goals and objectives before you chalk out actions towards rewarding affiliates for the actions taken. Now, one doesn’t have to restrict himself to attaining a particular goal. It is highly unlikely that you will get somewhere with one size fitting all approach to get the same results across all segments to your affiliates like long tails, performing, new and dormant affiliates. To get you a clear perspective, here’s a rundown of 6 tips to boost your Affiliate sales right from the word go!


Trust badges rock 

A study held in 2015 depicted how close to 70 percent of shoppers chose to terminate online ordering owing to “trust” issues. Further, the study also stated that 78 per cent of shoppers acknowledge the inclusion of trust badges while performing a transaction on a particular website. So, you see trust badges don’t just look pretty; they are a significant determinant to impact customer behaviour. They work by closely associating a brand and putting at par comparison with other similar brands in the row. Think of trust badges like a favourable and influential person introducing or recommending you. A trust badge can be any graphic as long as customers believe and respect it, which adds to the credibility of a brand. If customers fail to understand the importance of trust badges or do not find it enough credible, it won’t affect their purchase decision at all. Irrelevant trust badges will only continue to mar your game and negatively influence conversion rates thus giving your brand an unsavoury status. For instance, if you are using Paypal as your chief payment processor, it only makes sense to include Paypal logo in the checkout page to help shoppers trust you with their sensitive information. This guide to using trust badges will help shade more light in aligning your affiliate goals to boost your earning potential.

Bonuses always work 

You may be offering incentives to people, which is why they prefer choosing your product over another similar offering. However, throwing in a bonus can always be a good move. It might be a free webinar with you or access to some podcast or recording or a free PDF that would be valuable to them. You see, the chief objective of throwing in a bonus is to help provide extra incentive to all those who have chosen to buy your products ousting other offerings. Discounts and coupons also work just fine to help conversions not just for traditional websites but also for all those content publishers who are being presented with unique opportunities in front of a diverse audience, thus making way for a loyal band of users. 

The in-between thing

Here’s a naked truth. Affiliates no matter what, are lazy. Most of them can only achieve to divert or direct traffic to the merchant site. Now, such common approaches clash with other affiliates who are also bent on doing the same thing. The question arises– What different are you doing? Creating an in-between helps. It can be just about anything- an informational blog post, a featured article, a YouTube video to answer common queries and solve problems, can actually add value and impact conversions by connecting the dots. A majority of affiliates heavily depend upon the product creator to do the major lifting when they are already doing it, not only by manufacturing it in the first place but also taking care of things like legal issues, delivery schedule, refunding of payments, customer care and more. Therefore, to help boost affiliate sales working on an in-between is more helpful than just redirecting traffic.

Take a cue from the best ones

There is simply no denying the fact that product reviews usher in sales. If your product review has not been able to generate sales at all, then you shouldn’t write one in the first place. But, how to figure out what’s going on? Start by moving to the top blog that matches your niche and analyze the way they have done their product reviews. Take a close look at the headlines, the content style and above all their way of including the Call to Action. Taking a cue from the successful ones will help you muster the confidence to write your sales-ushering product reviews. Try developing a rapport with users. Reach them out for an honest opinion on how they felt using the product and make them a part of your review piece. 

Don’t be a stranger


The world of buying and selling is built on trust. Trust is more like currency for everything online and while you are racking your brains to increase sales, it is worthwhile to include testimonials from people who visit your site and include logos of other blogs and sites where your product was featured or mentioned. Such doings work towards building confidence for users to proceed with your band in their thoughts. For a complete beginner, one can start by getting testimonials from others for your sites. Begin writing guest posts for top blogs across the industry to help establish credibility for your site as well. You might as well go one step further and let the world know which links in your site are the affiliate ones. If you can couple that with a bunch of discount coupons, it will lure more readers to your blog since they will be able to save using your links, only because of you (That’s credibility, right there!). 

So, next time, you use an affiliate link mention the same in the brackets, so that people can understand that yes, you are bent on promoting. If the product itself is a good one, there will be nothing stopping them from buying it through your link.

Keeping it light 

When you are starting, it’s a waste of time to consider promoting more than a couple of products at the same time. Simply, because your audience is yet to build and leaves them even more confused. So, ideally, start with two products and educate about them to your audience, where you will have a fair chance of making money. That being said, choosing the right products to promote is also vital. For instance, if you are running a site on healthcare, you shouldn’t be promoting WordPress themes. Yes, some people do that and aren’t getting any significant sales but just frantically looking everywhere and wasting their web space in the process. Promote products that you are satisfied using yourself. Before your pick on a product, read through its customer reviews. This should give you a better understanding of what the product offers and will help you answer questions coming from your blog readers. 

Let’s wrap up

Hands down, if you learn the ropes right, affiliate marketing can be highly rewarding as well as profitable. However, it all boils down to build yourself to gain authority for your niche. Remember, a successful affiliate marketing site would readily offer genuine and well-researched information. Put together your skills and your confidence and build content that is befitting and enlightening and in time, things will be place to boost your affiliate sales. 


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