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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Business Trip to Chicago

BY Laura Bartlett

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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Business Trip to Chicago

Whether you have been traveling with work for some time or are due to go on your first business trip, you may be wondering how to prepare for your trip away. A business trip can be very different to trip for leisure as your time is mostly dominated by your busy schedule. However, by being prepared and doing your research, you can schedule your itinerary so that you have some time to explore the city you are in. For example, if you are due to travel to Chicago on business, then it doesn’t have to be all about business, and you should try and find some time to explore everything that this popular city in Illinois has to offer. The windy city of Chicago has a vast array of restaurants, bars, and activities that can be the perfect setting for your productive but enjoyable business trip away. So, to give you a few hints and tips, we have put together this guide on five ways you can prepare for your business trip to Chicago to ensure that you make the most out of your time away, both personally and professionally. 

Read all Relevant Information 

It is important that you take some time to go through all of the information you need to know before you head off on your business trip. This includes any workplace policies on traveling with work, as well as what you (and your business) aim to get out of the trip. If you work for a company then you should get access to their company policy and rules on business trips, so that you are aware of exactly what is expected of you. This should also outline whether you are already provided with insurance (this is a necessity!) and what approved expenses you have. It is crucial that you are crystal clear on this before you travel as otherwise, you may find yourself coming home to a big bill of all the expenses you accumulated during your trip. You should also clarify what the purpose of the trip is and exactly what you are expected to achieve from it. This will provide you with a clear sense of direction throughout your time away.

Bring Business Cards

You never know who you might meet during your business trip, so it is advisable to take some business card with you. This a great way to make your business trip a networking opportunity at the same time! 

Find the Right Accommodation

Most professionals who travel on business trips wrongly assume that staying in a hotel is their only option when it comes to accommodation. However, in Chicago, the accommodation options are endless, meaning that you can find the right place to stay that suits your needs. There are many furnished apartments Chicago that can accommodate you for weeks, months, even years if necessary, and this collection of apartments from Blueground is ideally located in the center of the city.  Blueground’s apartments offer some of the most beautifully designed and easy to book apartments all over the world. They offer you both luxury and privacy while working away from home. 

Get Some Recommendations 

As mentioned earlier, Chicago is full of a vast array of activities, bars, and restaurants, and if possible, you should try to experience as much of the city as you can. However, you can also combine your business meetings with getting to know Chicago by asking for recommendations for some of the best places to take your clients. Sepia restaurant in Chicago is the perfect venue for a business lunch and you can enjoy Michelin-starred food without overspending. This rustic but contemporary restaurant is a great opportunity to impress your clients and may be just what they need to convince them to sign on the dotted line. However, for top deals, you should head down to the North Pond Restaurant, which is well-known for serving amazing food from local suppliers. Here you can enjoy some of the best views of the park while taking in everything that Chicago’s skyline has to offer. Whether you visit here with or without a client, it should be high up on your bucket list throughout your stay. 

Pack Light

If you are only going away on business for a few days, then you should be sure to pack light, and only take the essentials with you. By traveling light, your trip will be a lot easier to navigate and you won’t have to worry about losing things along the way. Having too much luggage with you will only weigh you down and make you waste time at the baggage counter. 

By being prepared and doing your research, you can make the most out of your business trip and ensure that it benefits you as well as your business.  


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