overcome haters and negativity

No high performing entrepreneur gets to the top without encountering a few haters along the way. 

We have all been there.

One minute the momentum is high and we are feeling like we are gaining steam.

The next minute someone says something not just negative — but downright mean.

Before we know it, the negative self-talk hound is awake and howling. We are feeling the sting.

So how do we get past the negativity? What can we do to get past the hurtful inner chatter and return to rocket fuel?

overcoming rejection and haters

  1. Remember the word “TEMPORARY”. Often when we face negativity, we respond as if this negative emotion is going to engulf us eternally. The concept of temporary versus eternal is critical. By firmly reminding our little voice that this is temporary (and using the word as a mantra if we have to), it can make it easier to shift our focus onto the light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Deliberately remind yourself that others have faced negativity — and gone on to achieve massive success. Individuals ranging from Nelson Mandella to Oprah to Ghandi all faced criticism and rejection. Many of them claim that it was actually overcoming these challenges that lead to such great success. Trust that this is all part of your own ascent into greatness. Rewrite this moment in your story. How would the story look if this is the defining moment, rather than the defeat?
  3. Getting out of your own head and into a different physical environment can be the perfect antidote to negativity. Search out a podcast that feels motivating and indulge in a quick 15-minute power walk. Take a stroll in nature and focus on the details that surround you. Don’t have time to spend an hour at the gym? Even a 15-minute bike ride can zap some of that negativity. Crank up the music and get your heart racing.
  4. Feel mad if you have to. Sometimes feeling angry is necessary in order to feel like you are taking your power back. Just don’t stay there. Firmly and deliberately take your focus onto things that you can feel grateful for — no matter how small and mundane.
  5. Surround yourself with positively focused people. Even if you physically can’t make that happen, you can always find positively focused articles, books and videos online. What we focus on tends to expand so when your own mind is feeling that negative pull, head for the “shiny objects” that will take your mind where you truly want it to go.

tips on stopping negativityWe can’t avoid encountering a few haters along our path.

In fact, attracting the attention of the haters might just prove how far along your path you truly are.

Our critics help us become even better at what we do.

They give us a chance to connect more deeply with our own value and worth.

The sting of these haters is temporary.

The value that we have the opportunity to take from the bumps along the road is eternal….

Heads high, #bossbabes! You are bulletproof and unstoppable.

Don’t let the haters silence your roar!


  1. Hi Meredith, great advice! I love “Feel mad if you have to.” – if we suppress it we use up willpower. Naming the emotion can help to diminish it too. If we say “I feel mad” then we stay on top of the emotion and have a greater chance at keeping it from running amok.

    • Hi, Nicole! Thanks for your great input. I love the words you chose too: “I feel mad” versus I AM mad. When we remember that these are feelings — and therefore temporary — versus part of who we are, we can more easily guide them along to a place where we are able to think thoughts that feel better. Love the input! Thank you!

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