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5 Strategies to Increase Sales as a Content Marketer or Blogger

BY Cia Wiggins

5 strategies to increase sales


Contrary to popular belief, most content marketers and bloggers don’t just wake up on random days and decide to write. There’s typically a method to the madness that creates success in their businesses. This method is the way they increase sales.

I admit it….

I was once on of those people who wrote on a whim, only to find sporadic traffic and growth within my blog’s sales. It wasn’t until I sat and created a routine, that started to drive tremendous traffic and sales to my business. 

What were those routines and strategies?

5 strategies to increase sales

Here are the 5 techniques I implemented that made my sales triple within 2 months of implementation. 

5 Strategies to Increase Sales

  1. Utilize your Email list to the Best of Your Ability Every Week 

It’s not enough to just collect emails but you have an email list to nurture and teach your value. When people understand that you are giving value away for free they are more enticed to pay for the really juicy info because you’ve proven your loyalty to deliver on your promises. I implore you all to go reawaken your email list and show them that you know your ish!

Then when the time is right, slide your sales offer into one of those emails.

  1. Leave a Call to Action on Every Actionable Step

What does that mean? A call to action is the act of asking your tried and true following to do something else in addition to reading or viewing your content. For example, let say I just finished creating an IG post on the best bomb wash and go style I’ve ever done. At the end of my caption I’d leave a CTA (call to action), asking the viewers to leave their favorite hair styling product in the comments or even sharing my post to a friend who needs some style inspiration. 

Not all CTA have to enforce the ‘buy buy buy’ method. It can simply foster the action of interaction which builds trust between you and your potential customer

  1. Never Neglect Grassroots Marketing Techniques

This digital age sometimes leaves us stuck in the ever revolving digital door where all we see are LED screens and blue lights.

Some of my best customers where those who were referred to me by someone I met at a physical networking event.

“Eekkkk! You talked to real people personally!!?”

Heck yay!

And I’d do it a million times over if it continuously brought me the sales I needed! 

Having really genuine in person conversations with people will be your golden ticket to growth by word of mouth. 

  1. Utilization of Video and Text!

I’m not sure why people neglect this point but REAL PEOPLE love REAL PEOPLE. Simply put, when others can see you or get a feel of your personality through the use of visuals ie. FB live or YouTube, they’ll feel more connected. 

The psychology behind sales states that people buy more-so because of a connection they feel or the emotions that are evoked rather than the actual benefit of the product.  I took advantage of all the opportunities I could get when it came to showing my face on video to my potential customers so that they could see the face behind the text. 

Writing is great but viewing drives even more sales.

  1. Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest!

Pinterest isn’t only for diy ideas but it’s a totally free search engine that helps marketers advertise at the cost of nothing.

I don’t know about other bloggers but I do know that hefty sales and user traffic increased for my business when I started to use Pinterest as an advertising platform. 

Over 250 million people use Pinterest monthly, and if even a fraction of those folks are in my niche then that’s a greater opportunity for my content and product to be seen. 

These 5 routines and strategies have been the catalyst to my success as a blogger and business owner. Without these strategies my sales would be non existent.

Which of these 5 strategies are you going to implement first to see your sales sky rocket? 


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