Are you thinking of starting a coaching business? Be careful and avoid these 5 rookie mistakes when you start a business.

Are you thinking of starting a coaching business? Be careful and avoid these 5 rookie coaching mistakes as you start a business.

Are you thinking of starting a coaching business? There are 5 rookie mistakes new coaches make that you must avoid when they start a business.

If you are a new or established coach, then you’re already aware that the coaching industry is saturated.  There are plenty of other coaches doing what you do.  So, how do you stand out and succeed? Avoid these five common mistakes and your successful coaching career will be closer than you think.

Mistake #1 – Self-Doubt

You are an original!  Your unique gifts, talents, and experiences are what set you apart from other coaches.  So…focus on what makes you different. What struggles have you overcome?  What do you enjoy doing?  The answers to these types of questions will steer your niche as you start a business.

Mistake #2 – I don’t need a coach…I’ll figure it out myself

As you move forward in your niche, don’t try to re-invent the wheel.  Hire a coach! There are coaches out there who can help you navigate into your next phase. They will keep you focused, accountable and, on track as you start a business.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.  Look for a coach who has successfully mastered your ‘next phase’.  For example, if you’ve booked two, incompatible clients in the past year, then hire someone who is consistently booking two, dream clients every month. Soak up everything they teach you, implement it, and watch your coaching business scale!

Mistake #3 – You have shiny-object syndrome

Steer clear of the temptation to have your website, Instagram, and brand colors on point before you offer your services.  Your main focus is to help clients reach their goals.  There’s a big black hole of busy work that can consume your time.

Go ahead! Step off the curb and offer you coaching services.  The busy work, which involves all the finishing touches, can be completed once you have been paid. Your dream clients are looking for your help and direction with their business. Provide it! First and foremost, make yourself and your coaching business visible for them to see.  All they care about is whether you can help them transform their life or business through your coaching program.

Mistake #4 – Isolation

Collaboration will be your life-line to your coaching business journey.  Don’t ignore the wealth of information, as well as the promotion opportunities, that come from collaboration with other coaches.

New coaches may avoid the idea of collaboration by viewing it as competition rather than support.  They may feel threatened that someone could steal their style and ideas. Don’t fall into that trap.  Remember, your style and niche are unique, so own it!

Connect with other coaches in Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, and Instagram.  There may be a coaching connection just around the corner through collaboration. Remember, #collaborationovercompetition.

Mistake #5 – My clients will find me

Mistake #5 is HUGE!  Don’t miss this one! Your clients will not find you — you must find your clients.  This concept is the springboard for success.  It will guard your mindset from discouragement and disappointment as you start a business.

So, how do you go out and find clients?

The secret is the Power of Ten —  Seek out your dream clients and offer them a Ten-Minute service that complements your coaching program. By doing this, you will invest in their goals.  You will offer them massive value.  You will be placed at the center of their radar. Remember babe, you got this.



Are you thinking of starting a coaching business? Be careful and avoid these 5 rookie coaching mistakes as you start a business.

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What are the benefits of avoiding these coaching mistakes as you start a business?  You will save the life of your coaching business before it’s even begun!


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  1. I absolutely resonated with this – as a newbie when I first launched my Life Coaching business in July 2018! As I had no clue how to start my business, I chose to invest in business coaches to help me with marketing & further CEO mindset strategies. I’ve never regretted spending a single cent!! Woohoo – can’t wait to help more women get unstuck in life & love just as my business coaches helped me get unstuck in business! 💕

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