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5 Mistakes That Are Blocking You From Having SOLD-OUT, 6-Figure Launches

BY Natalie Ellis

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Ready to have your biggest launch ever? If you’re interested in having the biggest cash injection yet into your business, grab your latte and get to reading… 

Here at BossBabe, we are launching (or re-launching) a product, program, or training every single month, so we REALLY understand what it takes to create profitable, scalable, and repeatable launches. 

We want to see you exceed your ambitious goals this year, so we’ve created this article to guide you through 5 common launch mistakes we see entrepreneurs making, so you don’t have to! 

If you’re committed to having your best launches ever, meaning bringing in more clients and more money without more stress, then keep reading, because we’ve got you.

Launch Mistake #1: You haven’t done enough market research. 

We see this time and time again. People are jumping right into their launches without this critical piece: doing competitive market research. You’ve got to really know your target audience to understand what they want to buy and then sell it to them. 

Not sure if you’ve done enough market research? Let’s do a quick audit right now… 

Ask yourself these Q’s and write down your responses:

  • How well do you know your target audience?
    • Do you know exactly what they are struggling with?
    • Do you know what other products or services they’ve tried that haven’t worked out?
    • Do you know how they want to receive support? (live, in-person, digital)
    • Do you know what they are willing to pay for your product or service?
  • How well do you know your market and the other people selling something similar?
    • Are you clear on why your service or product is different and better? 
    • Have you identified what makes you more effective as a facilitator of the program or seller of your product? 
    • Do you have a unique selling proposition? Is it obvious to your market? 

If you can confidently answer all of the questions above, then well done! We are celebrating you for being so prepared. If you can’t but want to be able to, we recommend you dive in and add this to your pre-launch strategy to your next launch.

Remember: you can’t ask too many questions to your target audience and you can never know them well enough… there’s always more to discover and uncover. We are always changing and evolving, so we’ve got to stay up-to-date with our communities. 

Launch Mistake #2: You don’t have a clear pre-launch content strategy in place. 

This step can be *very* easy to skip and we see it happen all the time. People dive right into “promotion-mode.” They skip the VERY important phase of seeding, teasing, opening loops, and asking questions to drive engagement. 

Instead of diving right into promoting your training or selling your products, we highly recommend you incorporate a pre-launch content strategy into your planning. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to stress you out… have FUN with it – it’s your opportunity to get to know your audience better and prep them for what’s to come. 

And here’s the thing… If you do this piece right, your ultimate job of selling them your product or service gets WAY easier and happens much faster!

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • What topics can you start seeding that you will cover later in the launch? 
  • What loops can you open and what exciting conversations can you start? 
  • What content and bonuses can you tease?
  • What questions can you ask to learn about your community and boost engagement? 
  • What testimonials and case studies can you share to showcase the success you’re having with other graduates and current members? 

If you begin to incorporate this piece into your next launch, you’re going to be VERY excited about the results you quickly generate. It works, plain and simple! 

Launch Mistake #3: You haven’t created SMART goals yet.

Creating measurable goals and setting your key performance indicators is a very important part of any launch. Without knowing how you’re measuring success, you’ll feel like you’re always striving for more with no end in sight! Nothing’s worse than not knowing if you’ve hit the mark and celebrating at the end of a big launch. 

When setting up your SMART goals and KPIs I invite you to consider a few things: 

  • Are your goals specific? (be clear on the who, what, when and why)
  • Are these goals measurable? (make sure you know the exact metric you’re looking at)
  • Are your goals achievable and doable for your current team? (set yourself up for success)
  • Are your goals relevant and connected to your bigger business strategy? (make sure your goals support your bigger vision for the company) 
  • Are your goals time-sensitive and trackable? (set deadlines, due dates, and important check-ins) 

Goals are EVERYTHING when it comes to launching. We recommend you get crystal clear on exactly what types of results you’re looking for – whether it’s adding 10k new followers to your Instagram in Q2 or having 25 ideal clients buy your $5,000 mastermind. Make sure you and your team know exactly what success looks like, so everyone can rally around your vision and execute on it with grace and enthusiasm. 👏

Launch Mistake #4: You haven’t identified all the issues, risks, or concerns from your team.

Checking in with your team is an amazing way to cover your bases and make sure that there are no “blind-spots” within your launch strategy. It can be easy to overlook this step, as many entrepreneurs take the do it all approach and have trouble with delegating to their team. Don’t fall into this trap – it’s simply not the way to create scalable, repeatable launches! 

Every highly-effective entrepreneur knows how to delegate to their team and utilize their unique skills. Always connect with your team before a launch to get their buy-in, feedback, and thoughts on the full campaign strategy. 

Here are a few questions to ask your team: 

  • Are there any issues you see with our current launch strategy?
  • Are there any risks you see with our strategy and the way we are approaching it?
  • Are there any blind-spots you see within the campaign? 
  • Are we missing anything important? 
  • Are there any concerns that you have around the time, energy, or resources required for this campaign? 

Asking your team for their feedback is such a win-win, as they’ll feel included and acknowledged… AND you’ll get extra support by making sure the strategy is 100% on point. (teamwork makes the DREAM work!) 

Also – here’s a BIG HINT: Track any launch issues, risks, or concerns your team brings up in a Google Doc or project management software. That way when you go to launch in the future, you don’t make the same mistakes twice! 👌

Launch Mistake #5: You neglect your self-care during launch season.  

An entrepreneur's energy is everything… and at BossBabe, we don’t play when it comes to prioritizing self-care – especially during a launch! 

How many times have you been in launch-mode and thought to yourself, “I am never EVER doing this again!” That’s probably because you weren’t sleeping, you were drinking 15 shots of espresso to keep up, and couldn’t separate yourself from your computer for weeks. 

Let me just say… we’ve ALL been there… but this simply isn’t the way to have your most successful launches. More work DOESN'T always equal more sales! 

Our secret weapon has been to prioritize our self-care, so we can show up with tons of creativity, energy, and focus.

We are talking about filling your cup, so you have energy and focus to give your launch.

We are talking about recharging your soul by dancing, running, meditating, sitting in the sunshine, taking a bath… whatever works for YOU. 

Your energy is important and it impacts the success of your launch. I invite you to value your energy and take good care of it, especially whilst you’re launching. Spend time each day to nourish yourself and take some “you time” to recharge. It’s always worth it! 


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