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This 5-Minute Evening Routine is the Best Part of My Day

BY Michelle Slote

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Don't think you have enough time for an evening routine? Think again, boss babe! This 5-minute evening routine for stress relief is going to change your life.

No matter how busy we are, everyone has time for a 5-minute evening routine that will instantly reduce stress. You are doing yourself, your business, and the world, a massive favor when you do!

Best of all, your 5-minute evening routine to relieve stress is something that can be done in your PJs (or oversized T-shirt and no pants, we're not judging). Here's how to get started…

1. Turn all screens off an hour before bed.

I can feel you rolling your eyes — “but I planned a binge-sesh for the last few episodes of ‘Love is Blind' tonight before bed…”

Sorry, babe. If you want this 5-minute routine to work effectively, screen-time needs to be cut off an hour before you hit the hay.

Think about it. Our minds are ‘on' all day. We check our emails first thing in the morning. After that, we frantically switch from the Instagram app to Facebook. Then we check the news, weather, traffic, and then maybe finish a module of that online course we are working on, throughout the day. Then there's client work and all the online activities that surround our businesses. After all that, we spend our evenings in bed while watching our fav Netflix show. The average person consumes 6+ hours of screen-time a day. That's crazy!

Our minds need a break — especially if we are expecting a 5-minute evening routine for stress relief to be effective.

Action Step: Label an alarm on your phone that says “Turn all screens off”. Set the alarm for one hour before you usually go to bed. Make that alarm the last time you see a screen for the night. Then perform your 5-minute evening routine as follows.

2. Check-in with your mind, body and soul.

You may want me to give you the ultimate formula for this 5-minute evening routine. I am, but I'm also going to encourage you to use your intuition. Try whatever feels good and leave the rest. A good formula to follow for this routine is one that is holistic — one that incorporates mind, body, and soul.

Here is a fantastic example of a 5-minute routine that incorporates mind, body, and soul.

  • Journal about your feelings that came up that day for 2 minutes. (Body, Soul)
  • Repeat positive affirmations (ones that evoke feeling) 1 minute. (Mind, Soul)
  • Deep belly breaths for 2 minutes. (Mind, Body, Soul)
  • Do this routine while drinking an almond milk turmeric latte/lemon water. (Body)

This of course, is just one example. You always want to personalize your 5-minute routine. In addition, you will begin to see how little time it takes to move from one activity to another — all while relieving stress on a mind, body and soul level.

Other ideas to try during your 5-minute evening routine for instant stress relief are –

  • Use a lavender spray on your pillow
  • Prayer/Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Pull a tarot or angel card
  • Send love to your body
  • Use an essential oil blend
  • Light a candle (this one is pure bliss!) and take some deep breaths
  • Sage your space
  • Place a selenite crystal on your forehead. Visualize all negative energy from the day absorbing into the selenite crystal.

Pro Tip: When you discover your go-to 5 -minute routine formula, be sure to write it down and keep it by your bedside for easy reference. Over time you will not need the reminder, but it is good to have on hand as you begin this process.

3 – Be flexible and use your intuition.

Each night, you may be guided to incorporate different elements into your 5-minute evening routine. Some nights, you may immediately perform your go-to routine — something similar to the example above. Some evenings, you may be led to go all out, and turn your routine into a 45-minute self-love ritual.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that any routine is perfect. Trust yourself. When you let your intuition lead the way, your routine will serve you in ways beyond our current understanding. Just be sure that your routine incorporates stress relief on a mind, body and soul level.

Tell us about your chosen evening routine or routine for stress relief, in the comments below!


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