How to Remember Names Quickly
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How to Put Your Days of Forgetting Names Behind You

We have all been there. We’re in the middle of a networking event. We’re looking good. We’re feeling even better. 

We are ready to wow the crowd with our great new business. 

It’s that awful moment when you are expected to introduce someone and you realize that you have completely forgotten what their name is. 

Your visions of grandeur have crashed and burned under those circumstances. 

That used to be me.

I was the one who knew the name of my neighbour’s dog, but not my neighbour. It was dismal and embarrassing. 

More importantly, it can also be a real issue when you’re trying to build your business network because your network translates into your net worth. 

Try convincing a potential client that you care about their business if you don’t even care enough to remember their name. 

So, #Bossbabe entrepreneurs, what’s the solution?


Motivation – make sure you do it.

Observation – be present and pay attention.

And Mechanics — learn an easy name memorization hack like the 5 step process that made such a difference in my results.

How to Remember Names

Here is the 5 step brain hack that will turn you from name zombie to name dynamo. According to brain expert Jim Kwick, you simply have to be “SUAVE”. 

  1. “S” = SAY IT. Yes, as simple as it sounds, when someone introduces themselves to you, make a point of SAYING their name back to them. According to Jim’s research, if we do not repeat the name within 6 seconds, there is a high probability that our minds won’t remember it.       Focus on the name and then repeat it. As you build your name memorizing muscle, you may want to jot a quick note on their business card or on your phone after you leave the conversation and review your notes within 30 minutes of leaving the event.
  2. “U”= USE IT. This definitely doesn’t mean that you put their name in every sentence of the conversation, but if you “suavely” insert their name into a few logical places, you will be surprised how well the name sticks with you. Not only does the repetition start to encode their name into your brain, but it also conveys to your brain that this is information that you feel is important enough to remember.
  3. “A”= ASK. A great way to remember a name is to ask questions about it. How do you spell it? What does it mean? And of course, during the conversation, if you realize that you have forgotten their name, be bold enough to ask again. “I’m sorry, did you say that your name was _____?” Often, that secondary emphasis will give your brain the extra nudge to firmly plant it into a place where you will now remember them.

  4. “V”= VISUALIZE. This is probably the most powerful tool because our minds tend to be very visual. Our minds love images. We dream in pictures. We remember things visually. We often remember faces and not names. The trick here is to take someone’s name and connect it with an image — the sillier, most unexpected and emotional, the better.               How to Remember Names
    Someone named Eric could conjure up images of a dozen crazy rickshaws going airborne out of his ears. If the idea makes you laugh, you have a much better chance of remembering Eric the next time that you see him. To make the memory stick even better, pick one trait on their body that you connect with this image. For Eric, it was his ears. For others, it could be bright lipstick or a tattoo or the colour of their eyes— whatever jumps out at you. Now connect your visual image of their name to this attribute. A great “trick” is to have some images ready in your mind when you meet people with some of the common names. That way when you get introduced to Bob and Anna, you can pleasantly smile as visions of apples and bananas float above their heads. No sidetracking your attention by trying to think of visuals on the fly when you consistently associate specific names with specific images.

  5. “E”= END. As you finish your conversation, the best way to lock their name into your brain is to end by repeating it. “Great meeting you, Ben” or “I look forward to getting together with you, Ashley.”

Like everything, you will become a #Bossbabe name genius if you believe that you can and if you are willing to practice. 

Again, be present in your conversations.

Instead of using the time when someone is talking as your time to plan what you will say next, listen to their story and soak it in.

Ask questions. People love to share their stories and you might find an interesting connection that leads to a friendship or partnership that you never would have expected. 

So go out and spread the #Bossbabe magic as a name remembering genius.

Transform lives with your dazzle and maybe even positively impact the entire world!!


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