Upgrading your Brain to Break Through Limiting Beliefs with the “Human Accelerator” Jennifer Evans


The BossBabe Podcast Episode 042



  • How to be in equilibrium to process your emotional charges and being in alignment with your values
  • How challenges and contrasts can help you shift into an up-level or perform at your highest level
  • Why cognitive diversity is the key to optimizing and mastering yourself and your business
  • The importance of building flow, creativity and communication into the culture of an organization
  • Creating spaces of psychological safety and leadership development


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Sarah Jane Ponce is a Financial advisor and Co-Founder of Audiocreatives. Sarah Jane and her husband Edward, has been producing hassle-free podcasting for 4 years. Allowing podcast host to focus on recording episodes and have more time with their business and other things they love. Although she graduated in Automotive Engineering Technology and studied Management, she finds herself passionate in producing and growing podcast. She helps empower young mothers and children from broken families towards having a positive outlook in life, unlocking their potentials and promoting self-love.