Upgrading your Brain to Break Through Limiting Beliefs with the “Human Accelerator” Jennifer Evans

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 042




  • How to be in equilibrium to process your emotional charges and being in alignment with your values
  • How challenges and contrasts can help you shift into an up-level or perform at your highest level
  • Why cognitive diversity is the key to optimizing and mastering yourself and your business
  • The importance of building flow, creativity and communication into the culture of an organization
  • Creating spaces of psychological safety and leadership development


In this incredible episode, co-founder Danielle Canty is interviewing Jennifer Evans, also known as the Human Accelerator. Join them as they open up about the unconscious mind, breaking through limiting beliefs and how to unlock your true potential as a high-performer by upgrading your brain.

Jennifer shares how challenges can help you shift into performing at your highest level, the number one principal of high-performance and why it’s so important to create a culture of connection, creativity and effective communication.

They dive deep into exactly how to create an environment conducive to leadership development, innovation, scalability and productivity. Whether you are looking to master yourself or your team, the actionable tips shared in this episode are so powerful and will have you understanding the subconscious mind as well as how to leverage this to yield epic results.

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