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4 Steps To Having Your Biggest Launches Yet, Without Burnout or Overwhelm

BY Natalie Ellis

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Launches can be complicated, stressful, and unsuccessful. They can either fail, stop working, or not be scalable beyond you.

Oh yeah, and launch time can often mean being glued to your desk, skipping your beauty rest, and drinking coffee like it’s going out of style. 😅

We’ve all been there. This type of launching is totally ineffective, unenjoyable, and certainly NOT sustainable. 

So today we’re sharing how to ditch stressful launches, and trade them in for profitable, scalable launches that you can rinse and repeat time after time. Here are a few non-negotiables: 


🔑 The 80/20 rule. 

We’ve worked with over 5,000 entrepreneurs at this point and we’ve found that for most of them, 20% of their effort brings in 80% of their results. 

So imagine the results you’d get if you focused MORE than just 20% of your time on the needle-moving tasks? 

This means removing unnecessary tasks and getting way more committed to the things that produce results that matter, like bringing in new ideal clients and generating revenue! 

If you’re ready to create epic results in your business, you must learn to focus 80% of your time on what moves the needle towards your goals. 

This may mean you have to delegate tasks to other team members, hire someone to help you, or create more structure when it comes to your daily schedule.

So here’s a challenge for you to try over the next 7 days. Keep track of the tasks that you’re spending most of your time each day and then highlight the tasks that are actually moving the needle in your business. 

Then do an audit to see where you’re at! This will give you a good look at how you’re spending your time and where you need to go all-in and invest more energy into. 

HINT: The more you commit to the tasks only YOU can do, the more quickly you’ll get results and build your business. 


🔑 The importance of an entrepreneur's energy. 

Your energy is everything and protecting it MUST be a priority, especially whilst launching a program or product. 👏

Here at BossBabe, self-care is a priority! Why? Because we know having a full cup means more creativity, focus, and energy to pour into our launches and clients! There’s a common misconception that working longer and harder equals having more sales and bigger success… 

NEWSFLASH: This is simply NOT the case. Working harder and hustling more definitely doesn’t guarantee greater success, and could even be what’s secretly holding you back from reaching your biggest goals. 

Living off coffee, being attached to your computer, and pulling all-nighters leads to burning out, feeling exhausted, and not having a clear head to make strategic decisions. AKA – the opposite state you must be in to lead your team and run your launches like a pro. 

Instead of buying into this old paradigm of working harder, I’m here to tell you it’s time to work SMARTER. This means investing in your self-care, prioritizing your health, and modeling this new type of leadership to your team. 

So what fills your cup? Maybe it’s taking a long walk with your pup, doing a dance class, pouring yourself a yummy glass of wine. It’s different for each of us, but nonetheless it works. 

When you prioritize your energy and well-being, your entire business will benefit. It’s a simple shift that truly works and adds $ signs to your bottom line! So take your resilience seriously and just watch the positive ripple effects flow in. 


🔑 Know thyself & surprise thyself.

You’ll be completely amazed at what you can achieve when you stop playing to your weaknesses and start focusing on your strengths. You’ve got unique gifts and skills that no one else has… so it’s time to start leveraging those and putting your best foot forward! 

So think for a moment – are you amazing on Instagram stories, do you love creating content, are you obsessed with speaking to your customers, or do you love to dive into the DM’s and connect 1:1? 

Each of us has different talents and it’s important to stay in your zone of genius as much as possible, especially whilst launching! Focus on the things that only YOU are uniquely qualified to do, that you love doing, and that you do really well. This leads to more productivity, less stress, and more FUN during your launch. 

As an entrepreneur, there’s a TON of value in knowing thyself. Being clear on the unique gifts and talents you bring to the table is a massive value add, as it allows you to focus on your area of brilliance and delegate the rest. Delegation is truly a skill to master, as it’ll become your secret weapon to scalable, repeatable launches! 

With all that said, it’s also important to leave room to surprise yourself. Maybe you try something new that you’ve been curious about. Even though you’re not an “expert” at it, you’re still interested in giving it a go – so it may be the perfect time to surprise yourself and take a step forward in a new area. 

Because hey – all masters were once disasters. AMIRITE? 


🔑 Believe it to receive it. 

If you don’t believe it’s possible, it will not happen. Even if you have the full strategy, the plug and play templates, the word for word scripts… you still have to believe in yourself to reach that next level of success you’re wanting. 

Sounds fluffy… but it’s actually quite tactical. The more you believe in your ability to create something and make it happen, the faster it will come to fruition. 

When you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll find ways to self-sabotage, not commit, or put your goals on the back burner. Subconsciously, we become a block to our own greatness and success. 

I know that’s not what you want, so it’s time to build your confidence and go ALL IN on your goals. This means saying “yes I CAN” when those negative thoughts pop up. This means taking action and doing what’s required to hit your goals, even whilst it’s scary! 

If you’re ready to up-level, reach your highest level of success, and truly step into the boss babe you are, you MUST believe in yourself

So take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax your jaw, and tell yourself “I’ve got this!” Visualize yourself reaching your goals and feeling fully supported whilst doing it. 

Remember, it all starts with our belief that we CAN & WILL make it happen. This is the perfect place to start and we’ve got your back in making all your big goals a reality! 


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