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4 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurial Success

BY Natalie Ellis

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Ready for a shocker?

More than 50% of 1,100 participants in a study said they always respond to an email immediately or as soon as possible, while 21% of participants admitted they would interrupt a meeting to do so. Terrifyingly, these constant interruptions can have the same effect as the loss of a nights sleep.

This post I’m going to share with you will help how to improve your concentration and productivity every single day. Let’s dive in?                                                                     

1. Stop “multitasking”

Multitasking is actually just rapidly switching between different activities.

Adrenaline and cortisol are designed to support us through bursts of intense activity but in the long term cortisol can knock out the feel-good hormones in our brain which make us feel calm and happy. This affects our sleep and heart rate and makes us feel scattered.

This has been said to be a predominant reason for the poor concentration that so many of us experience.

2. Optimize emails

My favorite way to remove the distraction of email is to use Microsoft Flow to go through and “flag” Outlook emails that come in and look important – I do this on the go when I’m unable to sit and respond to emails properly.

Then, this app will automatically create a to-do list for me. When I’m ready to give my emails my full attention, normally at 4pm each day (people don’t usually reply to you then!), so I’ll go in and spend 30 minutes answering every email and getting on top of my inbox.

3. Sync up

I use Microsoft 365 to sync up all of my tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook) on all of my devices. This means whether I’m editing a spreadsheet in a coffee shop in between meetings, or studying a presentation deck on the plane – my documents are always synced in the cloud ready for me to review or edit. It feels good to have everything I need in my pocket at all times on my iPhone.

This has not only been a game changer for my productivity personally, but being able to share one place where the team can store and edit documents together in real-time has made our team so much more efficient.

4. Sleep

My nighttime ritual starts right after dinner around 8pm. There’s no more looking at my phone, I’m reading or relaxing from this point onwards.

I shower and get into bed around 30 minutes before I'm ready to sleep. I have my oil diffuser on with a red light – this stimulates melatonin production and before sleep I’ll do my daily gratitudes and reflect on my day, celebrating the wins and opportunities for growth.

For more of my #ProductivityHacks, follow me on Instagram. For other professional tips and tools from small business owners like myself, check out Microsoft 365’s Productivity Hacks

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