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3 Ways To Stop The Struggle In Your Business

BY Michelle Slote

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Does it feel like you are forcing your business to grow?

If so, I have some news for you — forcing your business won't work.

That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but don't worry! Today, we are going to break down the three action steps that will help you stop feeling like building a business is an uphill battle.

Action Step #1 – Embrace your feminine energy

To express the importance of this action step, I would love to share a story with you.  I remember when I realized how important it is to embrace feminine energy.

I had reached a point in my business where the hustle took over, my self-care went out the window, and nothing was working anymore — in business and life.  After several break-downs (I'm stubborn), I decided to stop operating in that hustle energy. I decided that this energy was not serving me anymore.

I began to enjoy the littlest of things, practice gratitude, took action on my intuition, started meditation, started bath rituals, and began being present in every moment. Ever since this decision, my life and business have shifted into a new space. There's no going back to the old way. I know my triggers and no longer allow the downward spiral of overwhelming to takeover. It is a beautiful thing when you decide to run your business in a state of flow, and stop forcing it to work.

Action Step #2 – Learn how to receive

This one is highly impactful and powerful! When you struggle to make sales in your business, it is a direct reflection on your ability to receive. How does your ability or inability, to receive show up within your everyday life?

Can you accept a compliment?

Can you accept the praise when someone raves about your work?

If not, those moments are fantastic opportunities to practice your ability to authentically receive.  This will transfer into your ability to receive money. This ability to receive opens the channel of abundance. I encourage you to journal around this topic to have some breakthroughs! I promise this will transform your business and life.

Action Step #3 – Practice Proper Time Management

Alright, now that we've gone over all the “woo” side of the business (which is the most important in my opinion), let's talk about some practical steps. When you feel like you're spinning your wheels in your business, it's probably due to one of two things.

The first being, due to you have too much on your plate. The second being, you are expecting too much of yourself. If you have too much on your plate, you have to be ruthless in your prioritization.  This is coming from a recovering obsessive list-maker, so listen up!  Always give yourself three priorities on any given day; and no more than three! When you do this, you will feel hella accomplished and you will have an easier time not entangling your self-worth in your ability to complete an impossibly long daily to-do list.

The second issue that needs addressing is when you are expecting too much of yourself. Take your daily to-do list and find a way to stretch it out across 2-3 days. The same goes for your weekly to-do list. Take a hard look at what is on that list and see if you are stuffing too much into too small a time frame. Yes, this seems simple, but when was the last time you put it into practice? Prevent overwhelm by practicing proper time management, and I promise, you will reap the benefits in business and life.


Are you struggling to make your business to work? If you feel like you're spinning your wheels, there are three things you can do now to solve this!

If you're ready to stop forcing your business to grow, grab the purpose driven biz method!

Are you feeling the side effects of forcing your business to grow?

Be sure to comment and tell us what you are going to do to stop spinning your wheels in your business and start to receive the abundance that is rightfully yours!

How are you going to stop the struggle in your business?

If you're ready for guidance as a female entrepreneur who wants to run a purpose-driven business, join me over at the Purpose Driven Success Collective. It's a free community with access to weekly training and we would love to have you!


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