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3 Tips To Manage Advice Overload

BY Kay Makishi

Solo Entrepreneur burnout

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Talking to people, receiving advice, and reading articles to learn and grow are essential as entrepreneurs. It can get overwhelming at times though.

You have one article encouraging you to be kinder to yourself. Another telling you to go-go-go and grind around-the-clock.

It's sort of like having Gary Vee in one ear and Deepak Chopra in another.

Receiving advice is great but having too much of it can get overwhelming.

Well, here are 3 ways to manage advice overload.

1. Make a List, Check it Twice.

Create a list of all the advice you receive. You may receive a myriad of advice from different persons you respect. They may conflict and that’s okay. Then write, “I believe in _______”, and fill in the blank with the pieces of advice you believe in. Do this as many times as needed. Circle ones that really ring true to you. I find this exercise helps organize all the chatter in my head.

2. Consult Your Heart.

When making tough decisions, always consult your heart. Take a few deep breaths and ask, “does this fall in line with our mission?” Yes? No? Let your mission always guide you. We’re logical creatures, but we already know all the answers in our hearts.

3. Go Back to Your Why.

Take time to remind yourself WHY you’re in business. I literally create a reminder in my calendar. At 12:00 pm, my reminder pops up on my iPhone screen reminding me that, “My product makes the world a better place and is needed”. Automate positive messages to build your subconscious strength. Let your main reason why you're in the business guide you as you navigate through all the advice overload.

One last thing, try to use two-week blocks to focus on the skills that are needed for that period. So if you're looking to improve your supply chain only focus on advice that is supply chain related. This will allow you to filter out advice overwhelm while helping execution.

As always, would love to hear from you. How do you manage advice overload?


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