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As a Business Success Strategist and Empowerment Coach, I know from personal experience how important it is to not only build your community but to do so whilst still creating a profit. Being able to monetize your Facebook Group is on everyone’s wish list right?

Let me take you back to December 2017

I had decided to part ways from my then business ‘The Business and Lifestyle Gurus’ which I had co-founded with my business partner.

I only had 18 members in my Facebook Community at the time and deciding to go alone was terrifying.

Flash forward to today, only a year later, and my community When She Rises has exploded.

When She Rises focuses on Mindset and Business Strategies for High Vibe Entrepreneurs and now has over 2,000 members!  

I even leveraged my group and social media platforms by 70% in 12 days and tripled company sales.

Three key strategies were how I created and maintained this momentum.

Ready to build and monetize your Facebook Group?

Check them out below!

It’s All In The Message

  1. Create powerful messaging which organically attracts potential clients to your group.

This is easy as long as you stick to your true, authentic self.

A connection is the reason potential clients begin to follow you…

And as soon as you stray away from what feels right for you and your business, people will notice and disconnect as well.

Uplevel, Uplevel, Uplevel

  1. In order to grab your audience’s attention take the time to consider the following:

Name your group something powerful and authentic to you.

Always be clear and make sure it is something that grabs their attention in under 1 second, because that’s all you have!

Your Cover Photo should be clean, clear and branded. Use a website like Canva to create a polished image that is recognizable.

Develop an Announcement Post you can pin to the top of your group page. In it, welcome new members and explain who you are and what they can expect from the group.

Want to boost your algorithm? Create a Themed Day like Motivational Monday or Transformation Tuesday to encourage even more engagement!

Don’t Just Sit Back

  1. Your audience sees you as a leader, so when you post you need to think about what they want to hear, see and most important feel from you.

But don’t just create great content and then sit back.

If you want a highly engaged group then you better get in there and start engaging yourself!

Remember that people stick around because they feel like they’re still getting value.

So make sure you’re staying consistent and always giving it to them!

Bonuses to Help Monetize Your Facebook Group

Create an opt-in that they can’t ignore!

Ask yourself first, what is the number issue your ideal client is dealing with? Now develop your opt-in on this idea to ensure you’re delivering what they want.

Always sell your services with soul, as soon as you disconnect, so do they!

Building your community and delivering value, value and more value is just the beginning of your success girl!

What better time to take action and monetize your Facebook group than now?

And once you feel like you’ve mastered your Facebook group, it’s time to move on to other platforms.

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You got this!