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How to Monetize Your Facebook Group With Copy That Converts

BY Tiffany Skirrow

Every online business seems to have a Facebook group. But WHY do Facebook groups work? Creating a Facebook group allows you to create that one to one relationship with your ideal clients.

It also enables you to provide an environment that can become a safe place for people to share their pain points, their wins, ask questions and ENGAGE. You then become the facilitator of a support network where you can EMPOWER those within the group with your experience, your knowledge and your VOICE.

To grow your Facebook community using authentic copy that resonates you must first establish yourself as someone who is confident in your knowledge, confident the value you bring and confident in your skillset.

Once you feel confident in all these areas, it’s time for you to get used to pressing that ‘live’ button’. Here are my tips on how to put some power and soul behind the words that you use…

Here's how I grew my Facebook Community by confidently utilizing my voice and learning how to write copy that converts.

1. Be in the flow.

Being in the flow is a truly magical element to my business and I just bloody love the feeling of being spiritually aligned with my business, my goals, my clients. It’s not just about focusing on the sales, generating the leads or growing your email list. When you are speaking from your heart and soul you exude warmth and positive energy that attracts the right kind of tribe. When you speak in the flow, you are in thrive mode and you are coming from such a deep-rooted place of certainty and knowing that your words are going to truly influence someone in the most positive light. This is when the true breakthroughs for people happen because your intentions are so true and pure – the magic is just waiting to happen.

2. Share things that scare you.

If you’ve watched ‘Brene Brown’s – The Power of Vulnerability’ ted talk you’ll understand the true power of utilizing your personal experiences to connect you with your ideal clients.
This is one of the tools that is integrated into my business. I share my own story in the truest, rawest form as I know that others can identify with my story and with the emotions I felt at that time when I first started my business. I show that it is possible to have what I have now, no matter where you start.

If I'm not getting flutters before I post, I know I'm not producing copy that converts to $$$

Disclaimer >> My personal advice is to make sure that you ONLY share from a place of vulnerability when you are truly on the other side of a difficult situation as this is the time when you can share vulnerabilities when you have overcome a situation and are a place of healing instead of hurt.

It’s not about YOU…

I can’t stress enough the importance of you asking your community what they want – repeatedly. There is no guesswork here, it’s not a one-off thing. You constantly want to deliver value in your Facebook group but to do that you need to know what value means to your audience. The key here is to really listen to your community and to see if you can spot something that can help you all bond effectively! This is how you deepen your relationships by actively listening and providing real-time value.

3. Understanding the practicalities of effective copywriting

There are certain practicalities to writing compelling copy that converts. This truly comes down to the psychology behind a piece of writing. Here are a few things to consider when creating a template for your posts:

  • Draw people in on the first few lines with a HOOK. Questions or a solution to their problems work well. For example, ‘Do you feel like an imposter?’ or ‘How to STOP feeling like an imposter.’
  • End with a CTA that empowers someone or inspires them to take action.
  • Always use the first person. For example ‘Do YOU feel…’
  • Stick to one topic. This is where your brand pillars come in.

Don’t be salesy!

The trick is to subliminally sell the product or service you provide with your message and consistent content over time. A quick sales post is a shot-term win you should focus on the overarching strategy for the long-term results.

These are just a few of the tips I have learned to truly use my voice to connect with my audience and build a successful online community.

Remember to be free and open-minded mentally and spiritually because at the end of the day we as humans have that natural desire to feel connected with others. The true magic of copywriting is when you put yourself into the shoes of those you want to serve instead of focusing on you, your successes and what you have done! Put your audience first when delivering any message – and they will come to you. It’s known as the pull over push effect in marketing and it works!


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