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3 Key Ways To Know If Your Social Content Will Do Well

BY Team BossBabe


We get it – posting on social media can be a total gamble. One minute you love the content you’re creating and the next, well… you’re not sure if it will perform as well as you’d like it to.

So what do you do?

Discover your confidence, start studying the content that’s going viral and start to emulate some of those patterns. 

In one of our recent podcasts, we uncovered some of the best ways to determine if your social content will do well.

Here are the best tips…

Understand The Importance of The Four E’s

When you’re creating content you should make sure that it strikes a chord with at least one of the four E’s. 

  • Emotion
  • Entertainment
  • Educate
  • Enemy

When you’re creating content around Emotion, it should evoke a feeling that makes your audience feel something. This could be a range of emotions including happiness, sadness, excitement, anger, etc…

Why? Because people like to feel things. When you feel things, you’re able to relate on a personal aspect; in return, it humanizes your social media content. 

When you create Entertaining content, this is your chance to tell a story, hook your audience, and keep them tuned in to what’s to come next.

Why? Because like TV and movie series, people like to be entertained and they like to be left on a cliffhanger to speculate about what could possibly happen next. When you create this feeling it gives your content a unique feel.

When you create content around Education this allows your audience to learn something new from your account. Which gives your account a higher authority in terms of a credibility factor.

Why? Because accounts that offer valuable information are more likely to be followed for their learning advantages. Yes, people like to be entertained on social media, but when you can actually teach them something that they can use to benefit their lives, they will be more inclined to reference your content in the future.

When you create content based upon Enemy tactics (it’s not what you think – trust us) it means you’re creating content that unites the people over a specific topic.

Why? Because uniting people allows them to all agree on a commonality. This also is a great way to have them engage with your content. Enemy posts allow people to comment on their thoughts, repost to their stories, and tag their friends to engage with the post as well. 

While each post can have its own E tactic, if you’re able to create a post that encompasses all of the E’s – then you’re totally nailing. Remember, the more E’s the better.


Create Reel and Video Content

If you’re looking to create content that has the best reach then you should absolutely consider making Reels and videos. It’s a major hack that no one talks about that more people should take advantage of.

When you’re making your Reels aim to make them under 7 seconds, this way they will be played multiple times and boost your post and hack the algorithm to work in your favor.

Also, trending audio is another great way to establish yourself in the social media world. Audios having around 10k+ used sounds are a great place to start. Although Instagram does tend to teeter-totter between favoring older audio files and newer audio, it’s always best to create content that delivers both.  

Engage Your CTA

Creating content on social media is half the battle. The other half? Making sure you have a catchy caption that entices your audience to engage in the content. Don’t be afraid to ask for the engagement you’re seeking within your caption. 

For instance, if you want your audience to share the post – ask them to share or tag a friend in the comments. If you want them to save – ask them to save the post to come back to it later.

Sometimes our audience needs a little bit of direction, all we simply have to do is guide them in the right way.

Posting content on social media really takes a lot of brain power behind it. It’s more than an entertaining post, a catchy caption, and some amazing audio – it’s truly an algorithm that you have to learn to work with. But with tips like these, you’re totally on the right path.


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