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3 Key Steps To Creating A Sold-Out Launch

BY Tiffany Skirrow

3 Key steps to create your first sold out launch - learn the mistakes of a 6-figure earner.

I have made a lot of mistakes as an entrepreneur. But nothing was going to stop me, except maybe burn-out, lack of funds and the constant fear surrounding sales. So naturally, it took me a while to figure out my 3 key steps to creating a sold-out launch.

Luckily, I had the privilege once to attend an amazing Mastermind with just under 300 aspiring female entrepreneurs.

And it was there that I took away some key ideas I still utilize today.

Side note: The speaker was the amazing Shaa Wasmund (check her out) and she didn’t disappoint – amazing!

Mastermind to Clear the Mind

Guest after guest stood and aired their struggles with the common theme being a lack of direction and wasting time.

‘This doesn’t surprise me’ I thought, as I sat and thought about the days I’d sobbed over Mail Chimp or had threatened to throw my new MacBook out of the window.

What did surprise me though was how many ladies stood when asked ‘those of you who either hate or do not like sales – please stand’.

I’ll have you know that over 85% of the audience stood. 85%!

That’s the majority of the room standing and declaring their hatred of the one thing needed in order to make money.

As I watched on in horror, I remembered my early days of selling and was reminded about the time I tried to sell a course with zero intake, followed by an evening crying into my Prosecco glass.

The pain was real.

After that moment I had decided I hated sales. It wasn’t for me and I just couldn’t do it.

And the more I thought this way the harder it became to actually sell… anything!

But my moment of reminiscing was interrupted when Shaa asked those who loved sales to stand.

With that, I stood whilst looking around to only a few others standing, a scene I’ll never forget.

During my train ride home after the event, I tried to gauge where the transition had been for me from hatred to love.

At what point did it change? What happened for me to begin the love affair with sales… excluding the money!

When it All Changed

I had decided to relaunch my masterclass within my community which was laser focused on selling with soul as well as writing out the same things which have supported my business and my client’s businesses to 6 figures with soul alignment.

And first, I checked in and asked myself (which you should do before beginning the creation of any launch) ‘am I in love with this?’

Forget polling your audience and spending hours scratching your head trying to figure out what they all need (I used to poll, create what they’d asked for and nobody would buy!)

How about creating something you absolutely adore with the complete certainty that it will sell?

Zero doubt, zero questioning – just plain creation and sell.

There are already one million moving parts to our business growth and making sure a launch goes exactly as it’s meant to, let’s not overcomplicate sales too.

A common trend which I see too many budding entrepreneurs do is over-complicate the initial creation process.

If you have a map in place as to how you want it to look, how you want to deliver the piece, who it is for and what it will resolve – then you’re on to a win!

Stop over-thinking the process and get creative. This part should be the most fun, and if it’s not – you need to step further into alignment and flow.

For example:

I created a digital course (an awesome one at that may I add) right at the beginning of my business. I still sell this course to this day due to the amount of value in there and the results I continually see for my clients.

After creating the course and being in this amazing place of inspiration, it soon occurred to me that I was going to have to sell it (shock horror) which created doubts I didn’t even know existed such as:

‘What if people do the course and then ask for their money back?’

‘What if nobody buys and I'm left feeling rejected?’

All of these fears were completely false, yet they felt so real, so much so they stopped me in my tracks when trying to sell naturally.

‘Pushy sales’ was never for me and it’s something I still avoid like the plague – yet the more I felt myself falling into this pit of fear, the harder I sold, and it felt awful.

After one week I decided to stop and create something new (a mistake I see too many entrepreneurs make) due to it ‘not working.’

Fast forward a year, after working on my own wealth consciousness, sales strategies and pulling my big girl pants up, I decided to reassess the course and what would be needed in order to reach a sold-out launch.

I ended up selling the exact same course, with ZERO modifications.

The only thing I changed was the structure of my launch, whilst creating my first $10,000 in one week.

I decided my messaging was not on point the first time around and this is something I see overlooked by many.

3 Key Steps to Consider:

So, I invite you to first understand the importance of your messaging.

The number one way to gain zero sales is due to consumer confusion.

Be super clear when speaking about what your clients will get from what you’re offering – what is the result and are you conveying this well in your messaging?

You need to be clear on:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What you resolve

If you can fit this into your messaging throughout your launch, then you are headed toward a sold-out course!

Secondly, I invite you to reconsider your love of what you do and how you sell. If something is not in alignment – do not do it!

Sell in a way which feels authentic and lights you up in the process. If that only includes live streams and posts than be sure to only have content that reconfirms those results.

Thirdly, be clear on the time period of the sell.

Many people have questioned the amount of time I give myself to create a ‘sold out launch’ and my answer is this – as long as it takes!

Do not take your eyes off of the ball – set your intentions and continue the launch until it’s hit.

The truth is – this shouldn’t take long if you:

  1. Have targeted the correct people to create true followers
  2. Have conveyed the end result of your program well consistently

Sales do not = objections and drama! It's avoidable.

Be the confident entrepreneur. Fall in love with all that you create. Create a launch process which feels 100% in alignment with your business values.

If you master this – you have mastered the art of sales.


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