Taylor Swift on 3 Branding Strategies That Never Fail

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You might have clicked here today because you are wondering – “what the heck does Taylor Swift do so well when it comes to branding? ” We are well aware that there are many “haters” that will disagree but there is one thing for sure – everyone knows the name Taylor Swift for one reason or another – and that is the framework of Badass Brand.

Taylor Swift has been the centre of controversy on more than one occasion. But her image and brand remain unscathed each time she bounces back. Through public scandals, feuds with other celebrities, and breakups that were a bit too public, she has risen back to the top each time. Even though the recreating of her music style and genre, she has held on to old fans and grown her tribe of followers to one of the World's largest followings (you know behind The Rock of course) – you could pretty much call it a cult.

Here are three great lessons in branding we can all learn from Taylor Swift…

1. Embrace vulnerability

For a long time, each detail of Taylor Swift's life was vigorously dismembered and scrutinised. The new Taylor dialled down on open appearances and would reemerge to address the issues that were influencing her. She turned the rumours around by tending to them in her music recordings and later in her appearances. By owning her notoriety, Taylor recovered her capacity.

Her vulnerability translates to her music as well, as she pours her heartaches into her music. From breakups to scrutiny by the press, she turns out top-selling hits time and time again by showing her vulnerability in her lyrics. No matter what a “Hater’s gonna hate,” such as her lyrics say, but she knows how to “Shake it off,” now.

2. Create real connections on social media

While she can get any assistance on the planet, there is one thing Taylor Swift doesn't designate: being available in her fans' lives. Taylor Swift tunes into, reacts to, and retweets her fans. This demonstrates that she truly thinks about and acknowledges them. Taylor has been “got” on numerous events looking into fans' live communicates, remarking on their posts and in any fact and taking her best fans off to particular occasions.

By getting involved in the lives of her fans, she creates a feeling of true friendship that has her fans defending her every move. Her strategy of connection has fiercely translated into a cult following that sees fans sitting on the edge of every moment when a Taylor update is posted for concerts and new music releases.  It could be described as an adrenalin-pumping moment that many artists don't get from their fans like Tay does due to her connection.

3. Let your work speak for itself

At the point when Swift felt unjustifiably outed for her new music style, she transformed that cynicism into a chart-topping hit. She expresses her real thoughts when she feels it's essential to do as such. However, she realises when to give her work a chance to justify itself. This lesson is an important one for many. Tay Tay provides her criticisers with her work rather than an argument and lets her success do the talking. Many people find it hard not to justify and defend yourself as it is human nature. But if you were to learn to harness that power and channel it into your work to do the talking for you. We believe this weapon is the most powerful branding tool of them all.

Where to go from here?

Whether you love her or hate her, you can learn from her. Implement these strategies and start to see a dramatic change in your audience.

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